About Mr. Hutch

I would like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Mr. Hutchison.  I go by Mr. Hutch, since many students and parents have a difficult time correctly pronouncing my name.

I am a graduate of Weber State University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education.

I originally started teaching in 1996 at Roy High School.  After teaching at RHS for a number of years, I moved with my teaching career to Las Vegas, NV.  After teaching in Las Vegas for a few years, I took a change of career, and worked in the area of Finance Compliance (specifically with Broker Dealers and Investment Advisors).  This took me to the State of Ohio, where I lived for almost 10 years.

In 2011, my family and I decided to return to education as a career, and Utah as a place to live. My family and I moved back to the local area.  I originally returned to teach at a local junior high.  I used this time to complete my Master of Arts in Mathematics Education from Western  Governors University.

My wife currently teaches Special Education. I have 5 children, 4 boys and one princess. 🙂  They currently range in ages from 22 to 11.  I love spending time with my family, camping, and riding my road bicycle.  I especially enjoy watching all of my kids as they swim competitively.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first four years at NUAMES, and look forward to another great year. This year I will be teaching Secondary Math II, CE Math 1010 and CE Math 1040.


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